What’s it like living with an organized person? Life from my husband’s POV

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Whenever I speak or teach at an event, I’m always asked the same question, “Can you help me organize my spouse?” I wish I could wave a wand and create magic for those who ask. But after living with a not-so-organized man for 25 years, I’ve learned you can’t change people, no matter how hard you try!

Although I’ve written tips on how to live with an not-so organized spouse before, I wondered how many of those same disorganized spouses would share what it’s like to live with an organized person. I’m sure it’s not a walk in the park for them either!

So I decided to ask my wonderful husband, Clint, a few questions about what it’s like living with me so you can get a different point of view.

Clint and Liana
Married for 25 years!

First though, you have to know that Clint and I are your classic “Odd Couple”: he is outgoing, funny, adventurous, spontaneous, and mild-mannered; I am an introvert, serious, cautious, predictable, and impatient. We don’t have the perfect marriage, but in our 25 years together we’ve learned to balance each other’s personalities, strengths and weakness to make it work for us and our family.

You also have to know that Clint is not a man of many words – I do most of the talking for the both of us! – so trying to get detailed answers out of him was like pulling teeth! But he was kind enough to go along….

Living with an organized person – my husband’s POV

What’s your favorite organizing project that I’ve done around the house and why?

Clint: Helping me organize the garage. Although it’s my “designated” space that you promise not to bug me about keeping organized, I do like that it is, somewhat.

What is your least favorite organizing project that I’ve done?

Clint: The pantry because I can never find stuff. (*Not sure why because everything is labeled in there!)

Would you say you’re organized?

Clint: No, not really.

Do you think you can be organized?

Clint: Yeah, I could be organized. But I don’t have to because you are!

What the worst organizing pet peeve you have about me?

Clint: You put things ways that I can never find again, you like to “hide” things. (*I don’t really hide them, I just don’t always keep them in plain sight!)

What’s the most disorganized room in our house?

Clint: The garage because my stuff is everywhere and I’m responsible for it.

How has my organized personality impacted our marriage?

Clint: It’s helped us get through a lot of challenges – kids, lots of moving. It’s balanced our our personalities and helped us create fun memories when traveling.

Has my organized personality helped you be better organized?

Clint: No, not really.

Clint and label maker
Caught ya! Clint using my label maker.

Me: That is not true…. I saw you using my label maker one day, I caught you purging your clothes before we went shopping and I’ve also noticed that you’ve become more of a list maker in the last few years too!

Clint: This is true.

Have you ever seen me disorganized?

Clint: Well, the kitchen isn’t your favorite room so it can get pretty messed up. But that’s partly because I’ve made the mess!

What do you think I do as an organizer?

Clint: You help people organize spaces, and you help people get ready for moving, events, and stuff. You probably make people get rid of things too because you never keep anything at our house. (*He’s right about that!)

How would you describe what living with an organized person is like?

Clint: It’s very organized.

Me: Seriously….

Clint: I’m being serious – that’s my answer. (*I tried to get a more rounded answer, but he wouldn’t budge and provide me with more!)

Okay, last question….what does it mean to containerize?

Clint: Is this a trick question?

Me: No.  Okay, do you think I go crazy with containers?

Clint: I don’t think you go overboard with them, but I don’t think we need a container for everything like you do.

So there you have it – some insight into what it’s like living with an organized person. I know that the organizing issue is a balancing act for some couples and it isn’t always easy, but it can be done! Clint and I are proof positive of that.

Communication, love and the support of one another can go a long way in making a house divided (in organizing terms), a house united!

** Special thanks to Sarah Soboleski of Classically Organized for inspiring this blog post.  You can read the interview she did with her husband here.

What would your better half say about you if you asked him/her about your organization or disorganization?

Leave me a comment and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

18 responses on “What’s it like living with an organized person? Life from my husband’s POV

  1. Seana Turner

    I have a similar relationship. My spouse will organize, but periodically. Maybe he just needs to see “big results” to get motivated LOL. I do believe he has come to appreciate an organized life more than he did in our early years.

  2. Stacey Agin Murray

    Great questions and I loved your commentary, too. If I asked my husband some of these questions, I think he’d answer them positively. He now purges his closet regularly and sometimes I hear the whir of the shredder after he’s gone through his papers. But you’re right–you can’t change people no matter how hard you try!

  3. Sabrina Quairoli

    This is fun, Liana. While reading this post, I could totally hear my hubby’s voice from your hubby’s responses. The only thing I don’t organize in my house is the electronic cables. That’s all him. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Liana George Post author

    That’s awesome Seana! I think organizing rubs off on our loved ones more than we realize! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Liana George Post author

    Oh I’m jealous Stacey! Your husband uses the shredder?? That’s awesome!! Hopefully your organizing superpowers are influencing him in the right direction 🙂

  6. Liana George Post author

    Thanks Sabrina! It was fun for us to do this interview! We actually did it while on a beach vacation! Don’t worry, the electronic cables in our house are in shambles too 🙂 I appreciate you sharing!

  7. Linda Samuels

    What a fun interview! I loved hearing the banter between the two of you. A few years back I did a post asking some of my colleagues (and included myself too) if they would ask their family this question, “What’s it like to live with a Professional Organizer?” I loved the candid responses. Seana Turner was one of the organizers that participated. If you’re interested in reading the responses, here’s the link: http://theothersideoforganized.com/blog/2014/11/4/get-the-inside-scoop-on-life-with-a-professional-organizer.html

  8. Nicole Ramer

    Ha! I remember that post of Sarah’s! Husbands do seem to like leaving things out in plain sight for some reason. Mine is on my team and is an amazing organizer in my clients homes, but it’s totally my job in our own! 😉

  9. Hilda Rodgers

    I love this interview Liana! It’s so fun to hear the personal dialog between you and your husband. I think my hubby would answer a lot of questions in a similar way… except he’s never used my label maker LOL!

  10. Steve Messam (@stevemessam)

    I really enjoyed this post. Clint and I share common values (being unorganized in the house). I too get frustrated when my wife “hide” things from me. I know where to find things but when “someone” put’s it some place else, it can be a little challenging. Looking forward to reading more of your post. I can use more organization in my life now that I’m taking a leap into blogging myself.

  11. Natalie Busch

    Ahhhh, so cute. I love it. My favorite part was when he said “It’s balanced out our personalities and helped us create fun memories when traveling.” That’s awesome that he can recognize that both of your personalities are good and you compliment each other. I feel the same way about my marriage.

  12. Liana George Post author

    Thank you Steve! I love hearing a guy’s perspective on this post. Yes, I know that it can be difficult living wth an organized person all the time and I’m glad you could relate. Best of luck to you on your new blogging journey and if there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know 🙂

  13. Liana George Post author

    Thanks Natalie! Yes, I love how our personalities compliment each other, strengthen our marriage and provide us with wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Liana George Post author

    Thanks Lindsay! Yes, this was a fun post to do – let me know if you decide to interview your family members, I’d love to read it 🙂

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