How to Tame Your Toppling T-Shirts

Do you struggle to keep your t-shirt piles organized? Are you frustrated that they constantly topple over every time you try to pull a t-shirt out?

You’re not alone!

Toppling t-shirts

My husband loves his t-shirts but they were becoming an organizing nightmare for me.  Not to mention that the way they were organized limited his wardrobe.  So I started doing some research to find a better way to tame his toppling t-shirts!

3 Ways to Tame Your Toppling T-Shirts

Check out my short video on the 3 different ways you can organize and tame your toppling t-shirts once and for all!

Resources mentioned in the video:

Miracle Fold –
Shelf Dividers –
EzStax –
ThreadStax –

Would any of these methods work for you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

6 responses on “How to Tame Your Toppling T-Shirts

  1. Seana Turner

    I have a client who loves her Miracle Fold. My husband is the one who wears the t-shirts, and he could care less LOL! I had girls, who wear often wear garments that are small and slippery, but I love these ideas for those families with t-shirt wearers. Shelf dividers are good for all kinds of clothes!

  2. Liana George Post author

    Thanks Sarah! Yes, shelf dividers are a multi-purpose organizing tool that has so many options!

  3. Liana George Post author

    Yes, husbands can be like that 🙂 Shelf dividers are great and so versatile to organize with!

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