180 Mini-Challenges

Got Clutter?

Try a 180 Mini-Challenge to help you declutter!


If you’re wanting to declutter your home, but needing to take baby steps to get the job done then the 180 Mini-Challenges are designed just for you!

The 180 Mini-Challenges provide focused instructions for just a few areas of your home.  They are perfect for those who are:

  • Looking for a slower approach into the decluttering process
  • Needing help with certain spaces and not the entire house
  • Wanting to do the work in smaller amounts of time, rather than full decluttering sessions
  • Desiring to bring order and balance to their home and life so they can move beyond the chaos and disorder that reigns right now
  • Overwhelmed, frustrated, and embarrassed by the clutter that surrounds them

Check out the 180 Mini-Challenges below to see which one is right for you!



The heart of every home is the kitchen.  Not only is it the place where you create delicious meals, it’s usually the gathering point for everyone as well.  In this 4-week challenge, you’ll declutter everything from pots and pans to pantry items, allowing you to enjoy the heart of your home once again.


Overwhelmed by too many clothes, shoes, and accessories? The 180 Mini-Challenge for Closets is a 6-week adventure that will help you determine which items to keep in your closet and which ones you need to let go of.  Two bonus closets are also included!


Books, games, movies – all the things we enjoy.  But too much of a good thing isn’t always good. Restore order to your fun with this 4-week decluttering challenge.


Are you drowning in papers? Overhaul your paper piles with this 4-week Mini-Challenge! Declutter the piles of paper that cover your counters and table tops as you determine which papers you need to be keeping and eliminating those you don’t.

KIDS (Coming Soon!)

Got kids? Then you’ve probably got clutter! This Mini-Challenge will focus on helping you declutter the toys, clothes, books, and games that can keep your house in a constant state of clutter.  Keep the kids, get rid of the stuff!