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For the month of October I’m teaming up with the The Nester and participating in a 31 day blogging challenge.  That means that you are going to be able to read tons of information on how to get things – your life, your home, and even yourself – in order!

I’ll be posting a different topic daily (including encouragement, resources, and how-to’s) so be sure to check back each day to see what new organizing challenges and insights await you.  If you miss a day, don’t worry!  I will be linking to each day’s post here on this page so you can easily find the organizing help you need most.

My hope is that when the 31 Days to Get Things in Order Challenge is complete you will have a new perspective on getting organized, taken solid action steps, and gained the life you’ve dreamed of without the clutter and overwhelm.

I’m so excited to take share this challenge with you ~ be sure to check out all the posts below!

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P.S. Know someone who could use some organizing help? Let them know about the 31 Days to Get Things in Order Challenge! Encourage them to check out the posts and let them know that I promise it will be harmless, but hopefully life-changing!

31 Days to Get Things in Order posts:


Day 1: Getting Organized Starts with Belief

Day 2: The Organizing Formula and the Change Factor

Day 3: The Organizing Formula and the Effort Factor

Day 4: The Organizing Formula and the Knowledge Factor

Day 5: The Organizing Formula and the Time Factor

Day 6: Organize Mindfully (A Podcast Interview)

Day 7: How to Become an Organized Person

Day 8: Organizing with the SPACE Method

Day 9: Junk Drawer Diaries

Day 10: Organization Inspiration 

Day 11: 5 Ways to Get Organized When You’re Not Motivated

Day 12: How to Become Master Over Your Mailbox

Day 13: How to Get a Handle on Your Email Inbox

Day 14: 5 Favorite Products for Organizing Kid Clutter

Day 15: 10 Ways to Organize with Evernote at Home

Day 16: Creative Ways to Organize Board Games

Day 17: Organized Dinners Start with Meal Planning

Day 18: Organize & Profit!

Day 19: What’s on the Other Side of Your Fear?

Day 20: Time Management Inspirational Quotes

Day 21: 7 Must-Have Kitchen Organizers

Day 22:  Confessions of a Not-So Perfect Organizer

Day 23: Getting Organized ~ If Not Now, When?

Day 24: 10 Tips for Creating a Filing System You’ll Actually Use

Day 25: Is Going Paperless an Option for You?

Day 26: The 20 Best Books for Organizing Your Home, Your Kids & Your Time

Day 27: Organizing Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Day 28: How to Organize Your Mental Clutter

Day 29: Are You Exercising Your Organizing Muscle?

Day 30: How Do You Organize Your Halloween Candy?

Day 31: What I Learned from a 31 Day Writing Challenge & How It Can Help You Get Organized





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  1. Liana George Post author

    Yes they are Seana! Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you find the challenge helpful!

  2. Pamela

    I’m always looking for ways to improve and streamline my house and life. What better time than January to get started?

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