180 Challenge

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Overwhelmed by all the clutter that has overtaken your home?

Are you:
  • tired of tip-toeing through it or around it?
  • frustrated as you move it from place to place?
  • embarrassed by it, to the point that you never invite anyone over?
  • suffocating under the load of it all?
  • stressed because you don’t know how to get rid of it?
  • afraid that you’re doomed to live this way forever?
What if you could have:
  • less stuff and more space?
  • joy, peace, and calm without all the clutter?
  • more confidence in your ability to let go of stuff?
  • more energy and better relationships?
  • a home that you loved and enjoyed?

Would you be willing to take the steps to get there?  With the 180 Challenge you can get rid of the clutter and start the journey towards the home and life you’ve dreamed of!

What is the 180 Challenge and how can it restore order to my home and life?

The 180 Challenge is a 10 month decluttering challenge where you and I will work together to clear the clutter from your spaces so that you can have breathing room to live and enjoy your home once again.

The 180 Challenge will:

  • focus your decluttering efforts so you can actually get things done
  • provide you with the tools you need to make decisions about releasing your stuff
  • offer regular encouragement and motivation to keep you going
  • help you overcome your fears and doubts so that you can let go without guilt or worry
  • guide you in getting rid of at least 180 items out of your spaces

By the end of the 180 Challenge we are going to remove the clutter and chaos that has overtaken your home and take your organizing efforts in an entirely new direction!

Are you up for the Challenge?


Still not sure?  Here’s what the 180 Challenge includes:

You will receive weekly emails from me that include:

  • focus areas to guide your decluttering efforts
  • questions to help you determine what to let go of
  • inspiration and encouragement to keep you motivated
  • donation resources so you can easily remove the clutter from your home
  • links to articles and blogs that can help you on the journey

In addition to the weekly emails you’ll also have:

  • access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post pictures and receive accountability
  • a spreadsheet that you can print out to help you record the items you are donating, tossing or recycling
  • bonus material throughout the 10 months to enhance your challenge experience

Are you ready to take the 180 Challenge?

Don’t wait ~ The 180 Challenge starts soon!

Transform your spaces and take your home & life in a new direction Sign up today!


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